Diversification of the share portfolio

Specialists say that the diversification of the stock portfolio is the key to success on the stock market. That’s right, I don’t contradict them. Finally, let’s go over and return to the stock portfolio. Mine for now, that I’m not so expert as to give my opinion about others.

As I said, I started trading stocks. Today, after I opened my online trading account, I made my second cash deposit. The 5th day of each month remains the day when I make a deposit in the investment account, it is the day when the money from profitshare enters. Although I had a start to deposit more than I planned, I remained consistent and I deposited only 100 euros. At least now at first I didn’t let myself get carried away … although, maybe it was good if I deposited more. As I deposited my money and took … I took advantage of a decrease in BVB shares and I bought 15 shares on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Already here I stuck to the dividend, the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) offers a gross dividend per share of 0.34 euros

As after I bought the BVB shares, I still had a small amount, I also bought 460 shares at Patria Bank (PBK). What can I say … I have in my portfolio shares from 6 issuers, two of them are in surplus. BRD shares have increased steadily because the dividend is 0.34 euro / share. OMV Petrom’s shares are also growing.

As I set out to invest in the stock market on a long-term and constant basis, over time I want to build a portfolio as large as possible. At each replenishment of the account, the largest amount of money will go to buy some shares that will be the pillar of my investment on the stock exchange. From what is left and from the money from dividends, I buy shares in companies that are outside the BET index. In this way I try to develop my investor skills.

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