Gray-haired men are more attractive

Circulating among women, but also among men, the legend that gray men are more attractive. I can’t deny the rumor, being gray-haired since I was 20, I don’t have a term of comparison, but let’s say it’s good to be gray-haired, you have a more mature air and you can make jokes about yourself and George Clooney, about whom he knows he’s been voted the long-awaited bachelor in Hollywood for a long time.

Now let’s get back to the basics, that I have something like that in the story….

Today I went to get a haircut and to fix my beard, which is normal, on a Sunday. In front of me were two more monasteries and two more already in the works. One of the two who was waiting was the kind of man who knows them all, annoyingly talkative and very friendly with everyone… annoyingly friendly.

Finally, it’s the mouthpiece’s turn to sit in the chair, but the man stops in front of me and asks me how old I am.

In my mind I was thinking “yes, this is gay and he makes advances to me”, in the conditions in which he also compliments me that I am a good man and he looks good gray.

He puts himself in the chair and asks the barber if he has a solution for graying his hair, that he would like it to be graying because it works better for women and business … seriousness, maturity, blah, blah, blah.

Until the barber replied that there was a shampoo for gray hair, a guy, more constructionist of his kind, found a much more practical solution than all the barber’s shampoos and solutions:

Boss, if you want white hair, it is solved with two troubles by force … to see then what an attractive man you are.

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