Holidays and other holidays: an alternative to Turkey

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. At least when it comes to these usual destinations… Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey. Well, I’m not passionate about resorts and all inclusive, I prefer those holidays where I can haunt at will, take the pulse of the area, find less touristy locations. Speaking of Turkey, I would never go to one of the famous Turkish resorts. Turkey is so cool that I would only go with the tent there, hotel accommodation only if it was a city break in a city. Finally, the idea is that there are a lot of Romanians who had tickets for Turkey this year. A colleague was still waiting to see if she would leave or not…

She received an email that it was cooked, Turkey closed and will receive a voucher. I asked her why she doesn’t change her destination, but she can’t change her destination even if she pays the difference. I don’t know if this is the case at all agencies, if you can change the original destination without hanging on with the holiday voucher. Finally, I thought that an alternative for those who chose to go on holiday to Turkey and it is no longer possible, would be Cyprus. That it’s a cool island and, especially the Turkish part, Northern Cyprus, it’s kind of like Turkey. Okay, you don’t have as many resorts as in Turkey, but you have a lot of beaches and options. It’s cool in Cyprus… if you rent a car you can haunt the whole island because it’s not big
That would be – somehow I’m glad I’m not a fan of agency vacations – during this pandemic period it would have been an extra stress. You leave, you don’t leave, here’s the word “stuck money” and an uncertain vacation in an equally uncertain future. The idea is that in addition to that money stuck in the holiday voucher, you also break other money, that you can’t stay at home… you have to go somewhere, at least to our beautiful coastline where you spend everything you put on the all inclusive package from Turkey. That is the case with us, it is more expensive… that there is demand. Finally, given that the Greeks don’t want us either, that we are not the most attractive tourists in Europe, the alternative would be Bulgaria and Romania. Yes, at what prices, it’s as if Cyprus sounds much better. I liked Cyprus… the Turkish side convinced me to go to Turkey.

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