How much does a good gasoline brush cutter cost in 2020?

Even if it is a pandemic and the world is blocked by houses, nature is not waiting for us, it has its natural course. The grass grows, so does the dandruff. They will probably be mowed by the hand or by the year. Compared to the same period last year, in 2020, the interest of those looking for the best petrol mower seems to have decreased. Yes, there are some factors that can influence this statistic, indexing articles, competition or even the fact that last year it was much rainier and the grass grew much faster.

Probably these days I will do a little review of the articles about motorbikes, up data on various motorbikes that are no longer found in the preferences or replacing them with more attractive alternatives. An example in this direction would be that in the article about which brushcutter to buy with a maximum budget of 150 euros, I should add Steinhaus gasoline brushcutter, a good brushcutter compared to the price but also to the growing notoriety of the brand.

Speaking of the title, somehow, I have the impression that in 2020, the price for a good mower remained about the same as last year. Or if it grew it was an insignificant increase. Most likely, the lack of mobility in the conditions of the covid-19 pandemic makes the price of a good brushcutter quite attractive for those who can travel and work on a brushcutter. Most likely, when the military ordinance restricting the movement of people ends, the price of mowers will increase a little … there will be many who want to rush to clear the land …. And then you will really need the best mower on benzine. In these conditions, I think that depending on the prices, I should make a good brushcutter recommendation, which you can rely on in the fight against dandruff. As in this period of crisis the price matters quite a lot, I will limit myself to two categories. Gasoline motorbikes with a maximum price of 150 euros and motorbikes with a price between 150 and 300 euros. I don’t think it’s advisable to skip these budgets unless they give you the money out of the house or if the area covered in dandruff is extremely large. but I think if it’s the second option, a mower with a bar would be better.

Good petrol brushcutter maximum price 150 euros

Here we identified three gasoline-powered motorbikes that would fit perfectly on this budget, motorbikes with a fairly correct quality-price ratio. Given that the opinions about gasoline brushcutters are quite good, I think that any of the three brushcutters can be a good choice. And we have this in the category of good gasoline motorized recommendation:

Steinhaus petrol brushcutter
ALPIN Profi 4.5HP mower
PANDORA 3 *, 4HP, 10,000RPM +4 Cutting System
Steinhaus PRO-TU430 2-stroke engine, petrol, 1350 W, 1.6 HP, 42.7 cc. According to the opinions about the Steinhaus petrol brushcutter, we have one of the best petrol brushcutters when it comes to quality / price. Yes, it is not the best gasoline mower, there are more powerful mowers from more famous manufacturers but if you look a little at the history of the brand you will notice that we have very good opinions about this brand. Strictly on the technical side, the Steinhaus mower has the following properties:

– Engine: 2-stroke, air-cooled;
– Gasoline / engine oil mixture ratio: 40: 1;
– Recommended mixture oil: 2TT;
– Shaft type: stainless steel with steel grooves;
– Very easy starting system (starter);
– Cutting system: Knife with 3 teeth + Spool with nylon thread;

– Knife with 3 teeth and thickness 1.4mm;
– Coil with nylon thread 2.4mm / 2x2m;
– Support belt / harness;
– Can for gasoline-oil mixture;
– Screwdriver with spark plug wrench;
– Wrench;
– Wrench (2 pieces).

The ALPIN Profi 4.5CP brushcutter with a 4.5CP two-stroke engine that develops 10,000 Rpm is another good petrol brushcutter that enjoys some appreciation. Given that it can be put in the same category of cheap gasoline mowers, this mower, according to the technical data sheet presented by the manufacturer has several advantages: Chrome piston with up to 7 years of operation, cardan transmission not cable, but also the fact that for this model of brushcutter the spare parts and cutting accessories are very widespread in Romania, being found in almost any workshop or profile store being compatible with several models and brands of gasoline brushcutter.

Included accessories:

-1 x Automatic wire drum

-1 x Vidia Disc

-1 x Assembly and maintenance kit

-1 x Profi backpack type harness with straps

-1 x Fuel Mixed Can

-1 x Manual in ROMANIAN language

The third gasoline brushcutter from the small top dedicated to the best gasoline brushcutters with a price of less than 500 lei is the PANDORA 3 *, 4HP, 10,000RPM +4 Cutting Systems brushcutter. Like the other two models of petrol mowers recommended above, the PANDORA 3 * gasoline mower is a good choice in the fight against weeds and dense shoots. The mower also has the function of cutting branches and can be used to work with shrubs and trees.

Advantages of the PANDORA brushcutter:

In addition to the advantageous price, the Pandora mower is part of the general parameters of low-budget mowers, being a serious option if we want a good gasoline mower for the household.

Powerful two-stroke engine.
Piston with a resource of up to 6 years of operation.
The consolidated system of a starter excludes the rupture of the cord
28 mm reinforced steel shaft on 9 grooves
Gearboxes complete with magnets with metal bearings
Overheating protection.
Chrome cylinder
Low noise and vibration level
Soft start
Very low fuel consumption due to the 43cc engine
For this model, spare parts and cutting accessories are very widespread in Romania, being found in almost any workshop, being compatible with several models and brands of mowers.
Technical characteristics of the Pandora 430N mower:

Engine power (KW): 3.5
Engine power (HP): 4
Engine type (times): 2
Cylindrical capacity (cc): 43
Shaft length (mm): 1500
Rotations (RPM): 10,000
Tank capacity: 0.75 L
Fuel: Gasoline
Ergonomic ways: 2 segments
Oil / gasoline mixture: 1/30
Shaft type: 28mm steel with 9 grooves
Starting system: EasyStart of the latest generation 2019 (easy start)
Start type: Manual (starter)
Weight: 5-6KG

The best gasoline brushcutter price 150-300 euros

In terms of the best gasoline brushcutter, in 2020 it seems to remain the Makita EM2600U brushcutter. If we were to give credence to the technical data sheet of the Makita EM2600U mower, this would be a kind of mower that should last a lifetime if you respect the operating regime and do not force it to the maximum. It’s a very popular brushcutter.

The Makita EM2600U petrol brushcutter is ideal for maintaining your garden or yard. The Catalytic Converter technology available in this model ensures fuel efficiency, but also low emissions. The compact and quiet 2-stroke engine develops a power of 1.2 hp and 0.83 kW, and the Easy Start and MPI systems ensure easy starting and restarting in all conditions.
The ergonomic handle is specially designed for comfortable use, and its multifunctionality is given by the easily accessible operating controls. The metal rod is straight, made of a light alloy.
The cutting head of the mower works on the basis of the Tap and Go function, which involves the automatic feeding of the drum with mowing thread, when the head of the mower touches the ground and the thread is damaged. Specifically, the head of the mower is provided with a button at the bottom and a double spool, for each cutting wire.
When the product is moving and by touching the ground, the wire is damaged, the Autocut function intervenes and can automatically refuel the wires, without having to stop work, so that you can continue to use the brushcutter, in optimal conditions.

Details about this brushcutter in the link.

In addition to the Makita EM2600U mower, in the budget of 150-300 euros, if I were to choose the best gasoline mower in terms of value for money, the choice would be between two serious mowers, with very good opinions when it comes to reliability and notoriety. Thus, the first choice would be the Ruris 430C mower, 1.7 hp, 43 hp, 2 strokes.

The second option I think would be the Austrian gasoline brushcutter from Stern, the Stern GGT1600BA petrol brushcutter. Although it is at the lower end of the budget, being rather a variant for the petrol mowers on the first budget, the opinions about the Stern mower and about the Stern brand in general are very good.

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