How much money does a beginner invest in the stock market

When I started looking for information about the stock market, I started searching not like a normal person would have done with “how much you can earn on the stock market” but how much money a beginner invests on the stock market. I don’t know, probably a psychologist would have established my investor profile only from this search. I don’t know, everywhere I looked for advice and opinions about investing in the stock market, most recommended, and not only in the case of investors without experience on the stock market, to invest an amount that does not jeopardize financial security.

As I said in this article that I have decided which broker I will invest in the stock market, until the documents are ready and I will see myself put in front of the accomplished fact and I will start to create my own portfolio of shares, I say it would be time to say a few words about the plan I drew. As I said, the question of how much money a beginner invests on the stock market is not very concrete. Apart from the amount of trading account opening which varies depending on the broker no one says an exact amount. That’s why I put myself in the shoes of a novice investor on the stock market and I will keep a stock journal on my blog.

For a start, the plan is an accumulation one, in addition to the amount necessary to open the online trading account on the stock exchange, in the next two years, every month I will invest 500 lei on the stock exchange. The money invested is not from the salary, it is money that comes extra, from various activities performed on the internet, so, money that does not affect my daily life. A cold calculation would be that in two years I invest in the stock market about 12,000 lei. It’s not a big amount, probably an investor with experience on the stock market would smile at this amount but no, I don’t have experience and until I learn I will go constantly for 500 lei per month. With this money I will try as much as possible to buy shares in companies that constantly offer dividends.

Well, now that I have clarified and how much money I will invest as a beginner on the scholarship, it’s time to return to study … Until the article about How much I earned on the scholarship, it’s a long way.

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