How to put some money aside

Somehow, the internet is full of tips on how to save money and if you want to do something, get involved, look for solutions, adapt them to your situation and try as much as possible to stick to the plan. Because money is always needed, we are looking for an efficient way to put some money aside. And, as the searcher finds, I found a fairly simple method to raise some money. Do you remember your childhood piggy bank? This method works on that principle, that is, a kind of piggy bank.

I think this method works very well for those who are new to the idea of ​​saving, it’s a good method because it creates some automatisms, some reflexes … Pavlov, brother! I will try to create a habit of putting money in this wallet every day, not a fixed amount but, fixed how small I have in my pockets, that is, the whole amount less than 2 euros … for metal I have a box on the desk . Okay, I think the method would work with a smaller amount, depending on your daily budget and what you have in your pockets. As I said, I have to make a habit of putting money aside and the best time I thought was when I left the office. Since I didn’t have a box at hand, I turned to an envelope.

Today is the first day I start this atypical piggy bank, I searched my pockets and paid for the envelope … 2 euros from my godfather. I still haven’t thought about what I will do with the amount raised, maybe it will go to the holiday budget, maybe, if I manage to keep working for a long time and a more important amount is collected, maybe I will invest them in something. I don’t know yet … let’s see.

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