How’s Old Holborn tobacco, is it good?

In fact, it would be correct, what is Old Holborn tobacco like after a year since I opened the package? How to be… It is good that it was kept away from moisture and other weather. Last year when I was in Lefkada, I ran out of cigarettes for a few days and as I occasionally smoke Golden Virginia, I thought about buying some rolled tobacco. Since I’m not a banker and I didn’t want to starve the Greeks by paying 6 euros for a pack of cigarettes, I preferred to buy a pack of rolled tobacco. Old Holborn, 30 grams of tobacco and a packet of sheets. I think I paid 4.5 or 5 euros for it.

Given that I pack a pack, the fact that I returned half a pack of Old Holborn to the country makes me think that those who say that it is cheaper to smoke roll tobacco than normal cigarettes are right. Finally, the idea is that, after almost a year of completely forgetting that I had this tobacco somewhere, I came across it. As I said, the tobacco is good, a little dry but I solved it quickly… I left it on the balcony for one night and it is suitable for combatants. And, to answer the title question, I think Old Holborn tobacco is the best rolled tobacco I’ve smoked. As you can see I took Blue Old Holborn, there is also a yellow Old Holborn tobacco, some mix with virginia tobacco, a medium to hard tobacco, pleasant to the taste. Personally, I think it’s even over the road, another good roll tobacco, which I liked. Over Samson, Bali Shag, Red Bull and 2-3 more tobacco that I don’t remember.

So, these days I’m going to burn it on rolling tobacco. We saw the price for Old Holborn is 35-45 lei. I’ll probably buy a package like that for comparison. If it’s not up to expectations, this month I’m still going to Greece and making another supply. Anyway, I have to go to a tobacco store to buy some pipe tobacco because I haven’t put a pipe in for a while…

Around you, the more vicious ones, how do you do it, do you smoke rolled tobacco? Has anyone smoked Old Holborn before, what do you think about this tobacco?

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