I decided which broker I would invest in on the stock market

I’ve been watching the stock market for a while. I kept postponing the moment when I will start investing in the stock market, but now that I am ready, I decided which broker I will work with on the stock exchange. Ladies and gentlemen, dear investors, the lucky company through which I decided to invest on the Romanian Stock Exchange is Estinvest. I have already established the contact and tomorrow I will send the documents for opening the stock trading account on their online platform.

At the moment I don’t know if it is the best brokerage firm, the trading platform, at least the demo account I made for them doesn’t seem too wow but, as more people recommend, you do research, check on the Romanian stock exchange website , compare the commissions and amounts required to open an online trading account on the stock exchange. From what I saw on the Bucharest Stock Exchange website, Estinvest are in the top of brokers in terms of number and values ​​traded. The minimum amount for opening a stock trading account at estinvest is 500 euro, about the smallest amount charged by an online broker. Commissions for trading 0.80% per month for amounts <50,000 run on the stock exchange through the online trading platform. That is, until I get to these turnovers when I can I will benefit from a lower commission or even move to another broker, we stay here, we learn…

What can I say as a general conclusion… given that I am determined to invest on the stock exchange for a long time but I have no experience in trading shares, I chose the broker through which I will buy shares on the Bucharest stock exchange taking into account the minimum amount for opening trading account.


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