I have no money

In memory of the times when I hitchhiked, now, if I see someone waiting for the opportunity, I stop and take it. Not for the money, I never took money from hitchhikers and I won’t take it though, there are people who think differently … some money from that, some euros from that, I took out 2 liters of gasoline. Finally, last week I had some road in Valcea and I took a kid from Pitesti. When I stopped the car next to him, the first thing he said before getting in the car was: Sir, I don’t have money, did you take me by car too?

Well … I had something to pay and I ran out of money ..

Cock, he was also lying, he smelled of beer to make me want to but I left him alone. I asked him questions instead. Conclusion, 12th grade, final year, without backpack, with a notebook and pen. He wasn’t very sure if he would get his high school diploma, he wasn’t even going to go abroad to work, he didn’t know how to do much. I asked him what he would do after school. He told me he would look for work. What the? It doesn’t matter, the money goes out. That was his answer. I asked him what that meant, money to come out. He didn’t know much, something, salary … 15-20 million smiled as if he was already counting them.

I rolled my eyes, lit a cigarette, and tried to explain that what he was dreaming of was going to happen. Plm, salary … I didn’t get my salary either when it was minimal on the economy, nor when it was on average on the economy and even now it doesn’t reach me. I also explained this to him, if you live on a salary, poverty writes on you, you will always complain that I don’t have money, that I don’t have enough money, that my dick is poor. Yes, are you trying to do something? Nobody says to go by day, that maybe you are a minor and the authorities are upset, but, you have internet balls, make a blog in my dick, write anything on it, you have to have a shit of passion, write about it. You don’t get rich, but you end up with a cico and you don’t hang on to your money anymore. Plus, you learn brother, you are interested, you interact and you see how you can increase your income without dreaming of a salary of 15-20 million. Are you going to have children, are you going to have a wife? A … you have a salary, you take out a loan. My dick, you took credit, you buried yourself for good.

He looks at me a little weird, he probably swears at me in his mind … I hope he at least understood that if he wants more he has to get more involved, to try to see beyond the salary.

Now, I can’t even accuse the boy, nor when I was his age I wasn’t far away, but I seemed more calculated. To me, nowadays only if you are badly made the pile you end up not having a penny in your pocket.

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