I played with my money..

I have no idea what to choose from this blog. Probably dusty, I kind of made fun of him. I started seriously, with relatively academic language, I deleted it. For the exercise, I wrote some articles in English… I deleted those as well. Now, let’s go back to the Romanian language… we see what Google understands from all these changes. 

That’s it, I played with my money and this is the first lesson, the first step in financial education: Make a plan and stick to it alt .otherwise, who else does it like me, for me to suffer. So, to express myself academically, anyone who has made a blog about money, finance, plm has done everything to earn another penny. Whether it’s ads, affiliate links or advertorials, everyone wants to monetize and optimize revenue. I appreciate these kinds of people. Pragmatic. I don’t really like that to eat from qur to save 2 lei. Finally, as a direction for the future, I will try to play on my money, I will try to monetize this site as much as possible, I will come with some conclusions drawn now, in my old age, after a life in which I hurt in the rain of money… I made them and spent them.

What will you not find on this site? Well, you won’t find the recipe for making money, you won’t find a necessarily decent language, you won’t find it, you won’t find it. Instead, I hope, among the lines, to find an idea that will help you in the future.

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