I’m a shareholder, what do I do now?

That’s it, I activated my online trading account yesterday. I bought the first shares, I am a shareholder, now what do I do? As I said, I chose Estinvest as the brokerage firm. They moved very fast. It is recommended if you want to choose them as a broker, give a phone call first. They will send you by email all the documents necessary to open an online trading account to sign them.

Now back to the question… I’m a shareholder, what do I do now? Although the answer is simple, I still have a slight state of arousal and until I manage to get over it, the recommendation is to do nothing. Well, out of 500 euros for opening a stock exchange account at Estinvest, I bought shares in the following companies: BRD-100, SNP-500, SIF 3-1000 and the rest of the small change, 50 shares in IPROEB SA Bistrita.

Like I said, that happened yesterday. In the meantime, things have happened on the stock exchange… IPROEB shares are going down, but I took them more of a test, they were cheap and I think they will be the only shares sold in the next period, SIF 3 decreases that they have some internal scandal. The only ones that remain constant are the BRD and SNP shares, shares from which I will also receive dividends.

As I said, every month I will invest 150 euros on the stock exchange, the next deposit I will make after the 5th of the following month. I have already made a list of three companies where I want to buy shares, I follow them daily and depending on the evolution of those shares on the stock exchange, I will start to accumulate capital.

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