Is there still money to be made from affiliate marketing in 2020?

I don’t think this article brings anything new for someone who already practices this type of monetization on the blog, it’s rather something that Google really likes … unique content, an article written in its own words. I know, this is an article on a blog about financial education, where the basic idea should be saving and investing, but I think you have to make money to be able to save. So, who knows, today we have another article on the internet that tries to answer the question of whether “is money really made from affiliate marketing?”

Until we get into the details, I make some money from affiliate marketing. Not many, but they are growing. Because the question of “how do I make money” has been in the top of google searches for years, I think affiliate marketing is the fastest way to make money on the internet. There is no concrete recipe, it is about work, inspiration and continuous learning. So, clearly, in addition to the money from affiliate marketing, you also earn something. I said, I have a light job where I can do a lot of things for myself. One of these things is affiliate marketing. I repeat, it’s hard work, to put the bone and the mind to work but the results come quickly. In a year and a few months since I started pulling harder on affiliate, starting with a site from scratch, with knowledge about affiliate marketing also from there, I ended up earning a few hundred euros every month from affiliate marketing . And I earn this money only from organic traffic, without paid promotion. It’s not a big amount, there are people who live from it and live well. I have a conversion rate of 2.8% …. maybe even better, this is exactly the reason why I made another site for affiliate marketing.

What do you need to start making money from affiliate marketing in 2020?

If you want to make money from affiliation, in 2020, in addition to writing fun, you also need a site and registration in an affiliate marketing platform. Depending on the niche, you choose which stores you will promote. In Romania there are two big platforms, Profitshare and 2Performant. There are other stores that offer affiliate programs but if you are a beginner, my opinion is that it would be advisable to start with these platforms.

The site and the niche were times when it was enough to make a site on a free platform. They are gone, no one recommends such a thing, especially for affiliation. So, you need to decide what you want to promote, look for the products, and buy your own domain and a host for your future site. An example of an affiliate marketing site idea but also an affiliate link from which I would gain a percentage if someone would buy the domain and the host from is,, a free domain with potential in the niche of fashion.

The content and structure of the articles – A friend who was in the top of the Romanian affiliates once told me that in the affiliation, the traffic you have on the site does not matter, the number of clicks and the conversion rate matter. At first I didn’t believe him, but the man was right. In vain you have 1000 unique ones if you fail to sell anything. Better 100 visitors and 1-2 conversions. In conclusion, you need to learn how to place your affiliate links in the text. The content, as I said, must be unique, without copy paste from other sites. In time you will start to be interested in SEO, keywords and internal links and other popcorn. When choosing the niche of products that you want to promote in order to earn money from affiliate marketing, it would be recommended to have a little idea about what you are promoting. I gave the example above with, a fashion niche … I recognized its potential but I don’t think I would ever be able to set up a fashion site. I tried … I closed it because I didn’t like writing about clothes, it was something forced, unnatural.

Inspiration I said that it is not advisable to take content from other sites but no one stops you from being inspired. If you don’t believe me, choose a product and look to see what similarities there are in the first 5 articles returned by google. Correct, they are all similar, the same conclusion. So, there is room for you, can you write a pretty good article in which to bring some quality in addition to what already exists on the web? Then let it work, you have a good chance of earning money from affiliation.

Before concluding the first article in the How do I make money series, two more ideas if you have decided that it is time to start making money from affiliate marketing. Never buy on your behalf through the affiliate links on your site and do not put affiliate link on the pictures in the articles. Oh, and read and respect the terms and conditions imposed by the stores.

What I told here is very general, a kind of start, money from affiliate marketing is made by other methods and is more muted than by organic traffic. I know them, you know them too … the ads that appear everywhere through the online environment. AdWords, Facebook Ads, email but these are paid methods. The cool part about affiliate marketing is that you can do it from anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection. The bad part is that … you have to work, get involved.

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