Monetize the hobby, make money from your passion

I guess if you get to read what I write in this article, you are one of those who use the internet and something other than posting pictures on facebook and watching pirated movies. Reading these lines, you must realize that I do this out of three reasons. The first reason is my personal pleasure, in free translation, hobby, and the second reason is related to monetization. I want to make money from my passion, money that will be spent on other passions. The third reason, it comes naturally, is about my personal development, and this is the biggest gain.

In the end, if you have the patience to read the whole article, I want you to take a short break and meditate a little on your passions and hobbies … what are they, how much money do you spend for your hobby and when I ask you this, I tend to think I’m right when I say that it wouldn’t ruin a bigger budget for this passion.

Well, you meditated, you did a quick calculation and you noticed that behind a common hobby, there is an entire industry, a business of many millions of euros. These millions are money spent by people like you, passionate as you are about various things, people ready to spend money and energy for their pleasure. And then, why don’t you make a blog, in which to talk about your hobby. You will probably say that it’s just a hobby, you don’t want to spend your time with anything else, but think, writing on the blog , you write for pleasure, you write about the thing you like. You will definitely find people interested in your stories, and these people are potential contributors to the millions of business we talked about above. You can be one of the people who make money on the internet through these enthusiasts. You monetize your hobby, you earn some money, and this money will definitely go to … your hobby.

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