Pragmatism and preconceived ideas

I have gathered enough experiences in 40 years of life, I have gone through many and I still have not been healed. Although I like to think that I don’t have preconceived ideas and that I judge with my head from the endowment, there are enough moments in my life that I missed. Don’t panic, that’s how man learns … Or, no.

Finally, I noticed over time that pragmatic people have fewer preconceptions, have faster results but also more resounding failures. I know, I said that I don’t want to teach anyone anything, but some conclusions can be drawn, as a result, a kind of example from which I learned that I have to leave preconceived opinions later …

I pretended to be in college and, as a student, I wasted my time in a nearby winery. A beer, a juice, time passed. At this bodega, a kind of good man at all was a gypsy girl, maximum 20 years old. Nobody really pays attention to her, well, most of the students, she from gypsy parents. Oh, but the girl had something that no one noticed or if she noticed she didn’t say anything, she kept it for him. That was until a colleague came, that kind of practical, devoid of preconceived ideas. After he sat down at the table, he asked us: Oh, have you seen what a cool tits this gypsy has? Of course no one had seen it, I just said above that we were full of preconceived ideas. After my colleague’s lesson, we all stared at the girl’s father. On the word of honor if they weren’t the coolest breasts ever seen. For such breasts, nowadays there are women who pay thousands of euros. And the girl’s tits were natural …

After this job, one woke up and said that he was not interested, that he was a gypsy and a plm. There was a little discussion about gypsies and racism, but it’s not the time or the moment now, maybe another time.

Finally, I don’t know if anyone will understand anything about this incident. I learned my lesson.


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