Problems at the airport

What do you have in your luggage? This is what an Italian policeman at the Ciampino airport in Rome would have asked a certain Romanian gentleman, by chance my father. But let me give you a brief introduction.

Dad, as it is about him, besides tuica and other liquids with degrees, he is passionate about beasts … He was a lathe operator, mechanic, welder… all his life. In his old age, his job made my father come to work in Italy, a very good thing in his wallet, but also in his vision of life and the world.

But to return to the story,… after the first three months of the contract, my father decides to run to the country to see his niece and not to come empty-handed, besides clothes, toys and other gifts, the man says in the suitcase and two submersible pumps… they were cheap and I need them in the country… along with two bottles of whiskey, a universal remote control and his old phone.

….Mr. Manea è chiesto di venire alla reception, it could be heard from the speakers at the airport and my father was in pain somewhere. In the end, the man catches what he is talking about and shows up at the reception where he is picked up by a civilian and two carabinieri and is passed through several doors and rooms until he reaches a large yard, in the middle of which, the troller lay the father.

There he is asked what he has in his luggage and is asked to open the suitcase. After doing this job, more by signs, my father also asks what it is about.

Instead of answering, the officer pulls out a piece of paper and shows my father the image captured by the airport’s x-ray scanner:

… God, my luggage really looks like a bomb …

Now that you have an idea, try to imagine two metal dowels positioned in parallel in a suitcase. Alcohol bottles, cables and a telephone completed the image seen by the airport’s x-ray scanner.

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