The advantages of a poorly paid job

There are very few people who manage to get rich with money only from their salary. If you eliminate footballers and other athletes, there are not many left. We were talking to a guy last night about meal vouchers and we came back to childhood memories. The story of how, newly hired and paid 200 euros, he bought 1 kg of potatoes from the market. He was crushed by the envy that next to him was a street sweeper who bought grapes and nectarines, expensive fruits in the off-season. He couldn’t help but comment on something like: Would it be okay, me potatoes and other grapes and nectarines?

I mean, the sweeper would have answered: Well, I buy, it’s one of my few joys … otherwise, all day through rain and cold. People also talked, they talked about salaries and, the sweeper drew his attention to the fact that he stays in the cold and rain all day for 500 euros, instead, my friend, 200 euros salary, rubs him in the heat. Two poorly paid jobs, both with some advantages. At least at that time, the garbage man had a double salary + compared to my friend. ..and that’s it. Instead, my friend, low salary but decent job, in the heat. Okay, he was eating potatoes but he had prospects. Now, the garbage man can move somewhere at a salary a little above the minimum on the economy, I have no idea how much the garbage man’s salary is and I don’t want to find out but, my friend rubs it in the heat, all the suit, on a double salary + girl of garbage. That’s why it’s good when you decide to take a job, especially since there is that “I don’t leave home with this money” thing to try to see what prospects and what long-term benefits you have. Yes, of course, beyond money, especially for young people, the biggest advantage of a job is perspective. Beyond the experience gained and the development of some skills, if in the future evolutions are seen, it’s ok, you can get out of bed for this money.

What’s cool about this article is the hypostasis I’m writing about. I have a poorly paid job (from my point of view) with no prospects. I mean, if the company doesn’t go bankrupt, I can retire from this position. Above I have nowhere to evolve and about the salary … the classic 10% per year. Why did I choose to stay in a poorly paid job? Well, it has some advantages. Beyond the car, medical insurance and meal vouchers, the big advantage at my job is free time. I mean, out of 5 working days I work for almost 4. And since I got bored of movies and games, I decided to do something with this free time … and I started to make money, money for myself. I’m already on top of previous jobs where we earn higher salaries but with a lot of work and running. And I didn’t have any free time, I had to shoot

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