Three useful things that should not be missing from your luggage if you go with the tent to the sea

Although the list of unnecessary things taken on a tent vacation is longer than the list of things you really need, if you go with the tent to the sea three things should not be missing from your luggage. Whether it’s camping in an organized campsite where you have an infrastructure and some minimum conditions, or it’s free camping on the beach, in the few days spent in the tent you will notice that three things are essential. So, if you go with the tent to the sea, besides the tent, a good mattress and the sleeping bag, don’t forget to put the following things in your luggage:

  1. The knife – As a Bulgarian friend said, it’s good to have a knife with you all the time. No matter how small, a knife gives a sense of security. Going beyond the Bulgarian philosophy, one of the most popular hiking knives are the Opinel knives. I know there are people who are passionate about hunting knives, swords and other javelins, but for camping at sea you don’t need more. An alternative can be a multifunctional knife, the famous Victoraș. Finally, no matter the brand, it is important that a knife is always in the luggage.
  2. First aid kit – regardless of the duration of the trip or the location of the campsite, the first aid kit should not be missing from the luggage. It must contain at least a few sterile bandages, some patches, various medicines but also a disinfectant solution.
  3. A light source – whether it’s the classic flashlight or a headlamp that offers increased mobility, a light source should not be missing from camping luggage.

These are three of the most important things that should be found in any luggage for going out in nature. Otherwise, depending on the location and the weather, you still need suitable clothes, possibly a primus for cooking and last but not least garbage bags. For longer periods spent in one place, if you went camping by car, you can put there including a camping table, chairs, hammocks and all sorts of things that you will certainly not use. I will come back with an article in which I will list some things I carried in the campsite but which I did not use.

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