Unexpected expenses

Whether it’s a fine, as was cuntchaser a household appliance or a beer out unannounced with some old friends hurt contingency budget feng shui. The title is generic, many unforeseen expenses can come in and the value … depending on the alignment of the stars.

When he was younger, they drew unforeseen expenses on him like a moth by candlelight …

as he collected a penny, bang, the unforeseen. I don’t know if anyone manages to master this type of expenditure well enough to say out loud, Bah, I’m not affected by unforeseen expenses! Going back to our days, I was recently hit by such a situation … plans made for something else and money spent on something else. If I draw the line, overall I saved due to such an unforeseen expense. It was May 1, some outings were planned … gas, expenses and other entrance fees to the events. The unexpected came in the form of scarlet fever. She made my eldest son a marvel of scarlet fever. In conclusion, countermanded everything, went to the doctor, took the prescription … quarantine.

Medication of almost 40 euros …. it’s not much, it could have been worse. Finally, here’s why it’s good to have an emergency fund, a piggy bank. In such situations, you reach out and take it from there. More to get my hands on savings, I paid for the child’s medication in that envelope in which I put the amounts less than 5 euros.

What can I say more than that … it’s good to save and pay attention to budgets, it’s good to have some money set aside, money to use in such cases where unforeseen expenses arise.

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