What it means to be rich

What it means to be rich. That’s what I asked on google. Surprisingly or not, Google returned several articles to this question. I didn’t go to page two, I stuck strictly to the articles on the first page.

Surprisingly or not, the first article considered relevant by google is about spiritual wealth. I was not very interested, I was looking for the answer to what it means to be rich from a material point of view, about spirituality in another article or from the priests. Finally, wealth is seen by each person with different eyes, with the need of the moment. If we went after that joke with the guy going to the bar with an ostrich, to be rich, it would mean to always have available in your pocket, the amount of money you need at any time. That is, a kind of bottomless bag from which you can always make money, whether you want to buy a bag of seeds, an island or the last phone strip. If we were guided by this principle, no one would be rich.

As I said, everyone sees wealth in their own way. An opinion about what it means to be rich and about wealth, I read in Robert T. Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Father, Poor Father. Financial education in the family and said something like: wealth or wealth is measured in the period of time you can live without working. He was saying this in the context in which he was referring to passive income, from which I conclude that being rich means having some passive income to cover your monthly expenses without touching the emergency fund and without lowering your standard. life. It’s complicated, like inflation, like replacing another one, like many others. Finally, if I remember correctly, Robert Kiyosaki said that for him, in ’95, when he wrote the book, his passive investments and income would have allowed him to live for 10 years. In conclusion, this is not considered rich and just a guy with money. Well, if that means being rich, what can I say? … that I made a calculation and at the current expenses, my income would be enough for a week. Work week … and so on, with indulgence.

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