When you do nothing, you get nothing

Everywhere I read advice and opinions on how to make money, an idea always came to mind. The action. That is, if you get involved and do something, there is an effect. If you sit on the vegetable and wait for your money to come without doing anything, it means that either you are lazy and you will die poor or, you are already rich and you made your plan years ago, now only the money comes.

Dude, now coming back to our lambs, it’s still Easter and I’m in the country, yesterday I went to drink a beer at a winery. I went more like this, to interact with the locals, friends and acquaintances from childhood. Brother, the country is in mourning. Very sad … people are limited, lazy and … very proud. While I was sitting and socializing in the respective cellar, I had: give me a cigarette too? do you have a drink too? Are you still hiring? all these coming from guys close to me, some of them with better results at school than I had. Not that a grade of 10 in chemistry would matter more when the only constant income is social assistance … Now there is a difference between us, beyond the fact that I have cigarettes and they don’t, the fact that I did something years ago, it has positioned us in two different worlds.

I appreciated the question of the one who was curious if he still hires me, although the man had no idea what I was working on, either he was just curious or he would have actually hired himself, at least in words he would have done something. I interacted with this the most, I even gave him some ideas and I’m curious if he will put something into practice. Probably not, it involves some work and others will pull it down that in the country, most people complain that it is not work, there is no money …. there is only the pub, social assistance and a lot of opportunities which no one takes advantage of. Although it is more of a theory, in order to niche the blog activity a little, I will try to come up with some ideas on how to make money in the country. You will not get rich but maybe you will be able to supplement your income.

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