There are studies that tell us that people who have a hobby live longer. This is also the reason why a series of articles about one of my hobbies will follow. Numismatics. Today I present a recent acquisition, a 1930 Roman 5 lei coin.

Although I made the decision to buy only silver coins for my old money collection, in order to optimize the shipping price, I also bought this nickel-brass coin from the same collector.

There are 3 versions of the 1930 5 lei coins of King Michael I of Romania and all of them were minted in three foreign mints…According to the information found about this coin it is supposed that out of the total mintage of 60.000.000 pieces 30.000.000 were minted in Paris and the other 30 million in Birmingham, 15.000.000 in Heaton and King’s Norton. It is interesting to note that the number of teeth on the edge of the coin differs from mint to mint. There are 114 teeth on coins struck at Heaton in Birmingham, 115 on those struck at Paris and 120 on those struck at King’s Norton in Birmingham. The coin I own is one of the Heaton coins.

The coin is known among collectors of old coins as the “King Child Coin”. King Michael I of Romania became ruler of the country at the age of six. As a minor, the country was first ruled by regents, and later the king was replaced by his father who had initially renounced the throne, Charles II. In 1940, King Michael I returned to the throne again.

The numismatic value of this coin depends on the degree of preservation. On ebay I have seen this coin offered for sale with prices starting at $5 and going up to $120 for a 5 lei UNC coin.

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