While we’re in the hobby category, I’m thinking of purchasing a metal detector. I don’t know much about the field, I don’t know what the legal basis is for owning and using a metal detector but I’m going to look into it. The plan is to purchase a metal detector after I return from vacation.

I don’t want to go to the area with “the best metal detector“, I want a metal detector suitable for someone who goes out a few times a year. I will most likely allocate a budget of up to $500 for the purchase of the metal detector.

I will most likely choose a Garrett metal detector. On a first search on the internet, I found good opinions about metal detectors produced by Garrett. Out of several Garrett models, I think the best Garrett brand detector for my budget is the Garrett ACE 400i. I am going to document this idea and see which is the best metal detector for me.
I hope in the future, in addition to my coin collection, to post some treasures I’ve uncovered with the metal detector on the site.

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